Argentina Quick Guide

Argentina is a beautiful, complicated, and breathtaking country. Its massive landscapes and beautiful cities are the perfect blend for any adventure, and although it is more expensive than its other South American neighbors, it is still extremely affordable and worth the trip. 



Visa: No visa necessary for stays less than 90 days, but USA, UK, and AUS citizens must pay a reciprocity fee ($160). 

Currency:  Argentine Pesos. Approximately 14 ARS = 1 USD, although it is constantly fluctuating. 

Safety: Other than petty crimes such as theft, Argentina is an extremely safe country to travel within.

Climate: Hot in the summers (December - February) and cooler in the winters (June - August). 



Food: The cost of eating out in Argentina can vary greatly depending on your location and the type of restaurant. Fancy restaurants in Buenos Aires in neighborhoods like Palermo or Recoleta are going to be priced similar to those in the US ($10-20). It is very possible to find cheaper options, you just need to be adventurous! I ate at a spot nearly every day for about $3-4 USD. Hint: Looking for a snack or light lunch? Go with empanadas! ($1-2 USD)


Accommodation: This is one of the biggest areas that seperate Argentina from some of its less-expensive neighbors. Expect to pay around $20 USD per night for a hostel bed. This varies depending on your destination and season, but this price is very typical. 


Transportation: Just like accommodation, this is also one area where prices climb. Buses are the main method of transport in Argentina, and are more expensive because of their higher quality and the sheer distances that are often required. A typical 15-hour bus ride (roud trip) will cost about $100 USD. Omnilineas is a great resource for booking busses in Argentina.

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