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Molly on the Road is a growing travel and lifestyle blog with a rising loyal readership. This blog focuses on all aspects of socially responsible and environmentally sustainable travel, student travel, and female backpacking in Latin America. Read through my posts and visit my Portfolio page for a more in-depth look at the content I produce and the causes that my readers and I care about. Welcome to Molly on the Road!



Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship are some of my favorite qualities, and I would love to start a discussion with other bloggers and content creators about working together on interesting new posts, projects, and other travel media endeavors. If you have a fantastic idea, feel free to pitch it to me! I would love to work together with you. 

Advertisements & Sponsored Posts

If your brand’s values represent social responsibility, environmental sustainability, or align with those of Molly on the Road’s readers, I would love to discuss opportunities to work together. Banner ads, widgets, and text ads are available and priced on a monthly basis, and I am always open to writing sponsored posts for your brand which will include a statement of disclosure. 

Product Reviews

I would love to discuss reviewing your travel-related product! Whether it is a mobile app, an apparel item, or another commodity, you can expect my full and honest opinion on how it may help my readers travel better, smarter, and improve their experience. 

Brand Ambassadorship

Molly on the Road is always open to discussing ambassadorships with brands that reflect her values and the values of her readers. Brand ambassadorships are long-term partnerships that may involve sponsored posts, product reviews, advertisements, social media promotion, and anything else that is agreed upon and can be tailored depending on the needs of your brand. 

Press Trips

If you are excited to promote your destination, hostel or hotel, adventurous activity, volunteer organization, or anything else that may be on my route (or out of the way), I would love to hear from you to discuss promotional opportunities. Feel free to contact me to find out if I’m heading your way next! I always update my sidebar with either my current location or my upcoming destination as well. 

Freelance Work

Are you interested in my writing style or have a fantastic aricle idea that you want me to write for your online or print publication? Don't hesitate to contact me! I am always open to discussing freelance work as long as it is covering a destination I have visited before, an experience that I've had firsthand, or anything else that I can create authentically and with expertise. Please visit my Portfolio page for a sampling of my work outside Molly on the Road. 

Audience Demographics & Statistics 

media-kit-long-statsWhat People are Saying

"Thanks for the awesome info on Buenos Aires! I've been planning to go there for a while and I've just added some of your suggestions to my bucket list–I can't wait to check out Calle Lanin!" 

-Kelly Ella Maz, blogger at

"Thanks for this post! I was putting together our Argentina itinerary and thought about going to Montevideo as a side trip but decided against it becuase of the cost. May need to reconsider if we can find time in our itinerary!"

-Christina Wagar, blogger at

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