The Snowden Files Book Review

The Snowden Files by Luke Harding


Why I Chose this Book

It was one of my first purchases on my new Kindle, and although I thought I was interested in the subject matter, I started reading it more for lack of wifi service while I was on the plane to Beijing. With that said, I think the story is interesting and I was keen to learn more background on Edward Snowden, the man who blew the whistle. 

About the Book 

This book chronicles the life of Snowden and how he worked his way up through different security agencies, eventually landing in the NSA and making the decision to release thousands of implicating documents that call into question the truth of how much our government is watching us, and watching everyone around the world. 


Though quite technical at times, this book did a very good job of telling a complicated story with many key players. I love a good work of hard journalism, and that is definitely what I got. Though, after seeing the film version, I think I would have been fine information-wise with just that content.